From a lockdown pastime to a viral powerhouse


We're driving change in UK education...

We're not saying every child should be an entrepreneur.

But the current national curriculum means that children complete their school years with a hugely varied knowledge about the basics of financial literacy and entrepreneurship and business.

That's what Biz Kids is on a mission to change – but when we began, things were a little different...

Back in 2020, as the first Covid-19 lockdown had its grip on the UK, Biz Kids founder Tash Courtenay-Smith, herself a hugely successful serial entrepreneur, began teaching her children, Finn and Annelise, nephew Edward and best friend's daughter Stella about entrepreneurship, financial literacy and personal development.

Within just a few weeks, and thanks to some hugely positive national media coverage, Tash was teaching more than 300 children across the UK live on video platform Zoom.

Every parent wants the best for their child. But let’s face it, our national curriculum is outdated and was built for a different era...

Working in the digital marketing an e-commerce space, Tash witnessed first-hand the remarkable growth of social platform TikTok post-Covid.

So, when many UK schools were on strike during 2023, Biz Kids relaunched as a TikTok-first platform, with live lessons every Monday.

From zero followers at launch, the Biz Kids Live TikTok channel grew to more than 100,000 followers at the start of 2024 and is now regularly reaching as many as 7 million children across the world thanks to viral campaigns and Gen Alpha's thirst for entrepreneurial knowledge.

The incredible reach and impact of Biz Kids is further emphasised by a Daily Telegraph report which highlighted the difficulties enterprises face reaching Generation Alpha – including the iconic Blue Peter, which has fallen to viewership figures of just 37,000 per week.

In comparison, Biz Kids has weekly channel views of 300,000...

Thanks to that incredible reach, many Biz Kids followers have created their own small businesses, making up to £300 in a day in some cases, and are learning about how to use their money wisely.

This has exposed the Biz Kids to money management in real world scenarios – something they simply aren't taught on the traditional curriculum.


What the Biz Kids say about us!

Biz Kids has had a huge and positive impact on thousands of children, from all corners of the globe since it's inception, including the United States, Canada and India.


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